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PC Configurations

With the release of 2023, many users have noticed the increase in Mastercam's design & toolpathing power as a software. With that increase, however, comes increased need for PC resources as well. Here at FASTech, we try to keep all our customers up to date on not only what CNC Software (creators of Mastercam) recommend for their software, but provide our own personal recommendations as well based on our daily use and exposure with customers.

As of today, the updated personal recommendations are posted under our system requirements page with some new information on processors and graphics cards. With this update also comes some additional service through your local reseller. If you are in need of a personal letter of recommendation to get an updated system that can comfortably run Mastercam and help you get the results you need, FASTech can help with that.

To acquire a personal letter of recommendation, we just need the following item:

  • A zip2go with a part file that shows the typical scope of your work, whether that be 2D, 3D, multiaxis, etc.

Your personalized letter will include:

  • A list of your current components

  • A list of the recommended replacements and why

  • A direct comparison of the current and recommended components for performance viability

  • A personal signature from one of our representatives that verifies the upgrade is important for your operation, productivity, and efficiency

The future is ever-changing, and technology advances more each day. Here at FASTech, we understand that we have to change and advance with it, and we want to help you do the same. We want to provide you with these letters that you can take to your supervisors, purchasing department, etc. to get you the equipment that you need to succeed.

If you need a letter of recommendation, please reach out to and we will be happy to assist!

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