New Tutorials

We’ve started a new series of videos available for all customers to explore a bit of what each section of Mastercam can do. These videos are free to everyone, and explain how to handle features within the product, as well as a little troubleshooting.


The first series will be covering lathes and how to handle things like stock setup, basic toolpaths, and some live tooling operations. Each of these videos has a respective part file available within our sample parts section here so that you can follow along with the video and do some testing of your own.


The second series will be covering Mills and how to establish certain geometry, wireframe strategies and some 2D/3D toolpaths. There will also be a special section about Mastercam's special Dynamic toolpaths.

*Please note that none of these tutorials are a substitute for actual training, they are meant to be informative and helpful in showing some basic features and strategies while using the Mastercam software.




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