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Website Launch Features

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

With the revamp and relaunch of our brand new website, FASTech is proud to offer new services available to all visitors. We have bundles of sample parts, video tutorials, and much more throughout the website now. We also have implemented a new contact system to better direct inquiries to the proper departments and assist customers more directly. For a full list of the new features, look below:

  • New tutorials section with videos for each machine type within the Mastercam software.

  • New file upload for direct requests to our tutorials team (please note FASTech, Inc. is not responsible for any NDA materials, that it solely the responsibility of the file provider to maintain any legal agreements they have recognized).

  • New contact forms for more direct contact with the proper department in regards to post, tech support, customer service, etc.

  • Updated calendar and events section managed through Google Calendars to improve ease of access and event managing.

  • Our documents for post requests, installation guides, etc. now are all available in the "Resources" section of the website!

  • Sample parts and information from our partners at Postability and In-House Solutions for better understanding on using their posts and programming strategies.


There are many more features that have been added, and additional things coming soon such as a *Customer Only* materials section for an extensive library of additional items such as part files, advanced tutorials, and more! These materials will only be available to current customers with up to date maintenance.

Our goal overall is to provide more for our loyal customers who maintain their maintenance each year. Those of you who have stood by us over the years, or even recently joined the Mastercam family will soon be able to reap the benefits of choosing the industry's leading CAD/CAM software. Make sure to keep an eye on our blog for more updates!

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