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FASTProbe V2 Highlights

FASTProbe V2 has been officially released as of Tuesday, March 14th along with larger availability to the general public within Ohio and Eastern Kentucky! Make sure to check out some of the new features and highlights below! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team via the Contact Us page!

UMC Part.png

Full 5-axis Support
(3+2 probing)

With the launch of V2, FASTProbe now officially supports 5-axis machines for 3+2 probing for all listed cycles, along with post-driven wireframe mapping.

Machine Simulation

In collaboration with In-House Solutions, machine simulation support will now be available for all FASTProbe posts with fully simulated probing cycles!

Already a FASTProbe customer? Ask us today about how to get simulation with your post!

*please note that all machine models are proprietary and cannot be assembled or distributed without proper proof of purchase from the respective machine dealer/builder*

machsim preview.png
variable table.png

Variable table outputs

For users that want to save measurement information to variables on their machine, FASTProbe now has an option per probing operation to output these variables, and will even build a table at the top of your posted code telling you what operations and variables are used.

Custom WCS support

In the initial version, Top WCS was required for proper mapping. With the release of V2, that requirement is a relic of the past! Users can now position their parts anywhere and in any orientation within Mastercam and still utilize FASTProbe to the full extent.

custom WCS.png
app guide.png

Updated App Guide

Our application guide is more robust and helpful than ever! With custom images that match your cycles and content laid out to explain each parameter and it's functionality, probing has never been quicker and easier to understand and setup for users of all levels.

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