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FASTProbe V2

FASTProbe is FASTech's post-driven solution to simplified Renishaw probing within Mastercam. Whether you're looking to measure features, update work offsets, or re-machine features, FASTProbe provides a quick and easy solution. Each order comes with a personalized application guide for the users, sample parts, and training on how to use it. Additionally, we also provide the option to have the finished sample part for probing at your facility.

For additional information on our V2 update and the additional features that come with it, check out our promotional page here:

FASTProbe V2 Highlights

fastprobe logo.png

What Makes FASTProbe Unique?

  • Cycle Freedom
    FASTProbe is all about choice. With a variety of core cycles & several optional cycles and items, FASTProbe is geared towards giving the user the freedom to pick and choose what they need and want at a reasonable cost.

  • Purely Post driven
    FASTProbe is 100% post driven and doesn’t rely on outside executables, dynamic linked libraries, etc. that may conflict with Mastercam when creating cycles.

  • Unique licensing
    Other official options use a 1:1 license base that requires a seat per user. FASTProbe uses a structure that is unique to the company, so a single post can be used by every employee simultaneously and at any given time.

  • Flexibility
    In the industry we work in, no two machines are identical. Each has its own unique characteristics from the controller, parameters, and person who sets them up. FASTProbe has 100% flexibility on all outputs to fit any needs of the customer.

  • Customization
    Alongside its flexibility, FASTProbe is also extremely customizable. There is no hard-locked output, and customers can request to add their own unique spins and preferences to the code at their leisure.

  • Direct Support
    FASTProbe is sold and managed directly by FASTech, so our customers will receive direct support from our team instead of from any third parties.

  • Written & Developed
    Everything for FASTProbe was written and developed from the ground up based on experiences with our customers. While it uses existing machine & probing functions, the logic it uses is original and heavily tested.

  • Additional features
    FASTProbe includes additional unique items on top of the probing cycles such as variable table support, custom tool inspection calculations based on logic written by the FASTech post team, custom images and documentation to support the product.

  • Tiered options
    FASTProbe offers different tiers based on the users needs. Alongside cycle freedom, users are also able to differentiate the configuration they need to support at different price points for 3, 4, and 5-axis.

Core Cycles

single surface.bmp

Single Surface Probe

Used for updating work offsets and/or measuring a single coordinate in either X, Y, or Z. This cycle also supports stock adjustments & DPRNT functionality.


Pocket/Web Probe

Used for updating work offsets and/or measuring diameters in either X or Y (or both). This cycle can also measure with respect to central features.


Bore/Boss Probe

Used for updating work offsets and/or measuring of a bore or boss with a 4-point measurement. This cycle can also measure with respect to central features.

single angle.bmp

Single Angle Surface Probe

Used for measuring a single point at an angle +/- 180 degres from X+. This cycle provides the XY coordinate of the angled feature along with error margins.

angle pocket.bmp

Angle Pocket/Web Probe

Used for measuring the XY coordinates and diameter of an OD or ID angled feature. This cycle can also measure with respect to central features.

3 point bore.bmp

3-Point Arc Probe

Used for measuring partial arcs or full circles with 3 defined angles from a set point away from the radius center. This cycle can also measure with respect to central features.

sample part 15 opacity.png

All cycles within the post also support the DPRNT function (must be available on the user's machine) to be able to print out reports of each measurement made. Additional cycles and features are also available based on request such as:

Some additional benefits to FASTProbe also include:

  • Re-machining Support

  • Internal/External Corner

  • Tool Offset Probe (Length & Diameter support)

  • Axis Alignment

  • Variable offset tables

  • Machine Simulation

  • and more!

  • No License/Seat restrictions

  • Import/Export toolpath support

  • Custom Display images

  • Cycle Flexibility & Customization

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