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Advanced Surfacing

and 3D Mill Class/Course

Course Description

This course will focus on expanding your knowledge of utilizing surfaces, model prep, and design aspects for creating toolpaths on advanced 3D geometry. Modern tools, tips, and strategies will also be covered to demonstrate efficient methods to manipulate geometry, manage boundaries, and maximize the control the user has in their toolpaths.


Method of Instruction

This course is a classroom setting experience with personal handout instructions to be completed by the student.

After completion of the class the students can guide themselves back through each module and refresh their skills by completing the part at their own pace.



After completing this course, you will be able to:


• Explain and discuss the workflow for creating complex 3D toolpaths

• Analyze and/or fix corrupted missing features from digital geometry

• Articulate the difference on 3D toolpath selection and implementation

• Create and manipulate 3D surfaces

• Demonstrate advanced proficiency with the Mastercam Mill 3D product

Prerequisite(s): Basic computer skills and Mastercam Basic Mill are required. Intermediate Mill is not required but highly recommended. 

For additional information on the class/course, please download the outline below.

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