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Advanced Mill-Turn

with Machine Simulation

Course Description

This course will focus on utilizing Machine Simulation for all types of digital models and using multiple axes in the Mastercam Mill-Turn product to increase programming efficiency and reduce setup time in the shop.


The class will cover modern programming strategies for a single and multiple turret style CNC Machines. We will also incorporate upper head with lower turret style machines.  Users will also learn how to focus on live milling processes to manipulate different types of geometry and output code to their CNC lathes quickly and accurately while using machine simulation for collision detection.


Method of Instruction

This course is a classroom setting experience with personal handout instructions to be completed by the student.

After completion of the class the students can guide themselves back through each module and refresh their skills by completing the part at their own pace.



After completing this course, you will be able to:


• Explain and discuss the workflow for creating turning and live milling toolpaths

• Create toolpaths for both left and right spindles for CNC Lathes

• Transfer parts from the left spindle to the right spindle using part transfer routines

• Utilize machine simulation to prove out programs and check collisions prior to running parts

• Understand multiple types of CNC mill-turn machines and how to adjust programming for each type

Prerequisite(s): Basic computer skills & Mastercam Basic Lathe are required

For additional information on the class/course, please download the outline below.

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